Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer

Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer

Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA

Valvesonly is a premier Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA. The Slurry Knife Gate Valve is a specialized valve designed for robust applications that involve isolating the flow of challenging and abrasive materials, particularly slurries. It excels in environments where conventional valves may struggle due to the abrasive nature of the fluids being handled.

Design and Components:

Valvesonly is a bestselling Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA. The Slurry Knife Gate Valve is known for its simplicity and ease of maintenance. It comprises two essential service components: ring sleeves and a secondary seal. This straightforward design ensures optimal functionality and facilitates easy upkeep, making it well-suited for demanding industrial scenarios.


The valve effectively controls the flow of thick and abrasive fluids, such as slurries, by using a blade to cut through and isolate the material. This design is specifically tailored to handle the challenges posed by slurries, which often contain solid particles that can be abrasive.

Types of Slurry Knife Gate Valves:

·        Uni-Directional Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Bi-Directional Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Full-Port Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Double-Seated Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Wafer-Style Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Lugged Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Flanged Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Manual Slurry Knife Gate Valve

·        Automated Slurry Knife Gate Valve


·        Efficient Flow Control: Enables precise control of fluid flow.

·        Bi-directional Sealing Capability: Ensures effective sealing in both directions.

·        Minimal Pressure Drop: Maintains system efficiency.

·        Abrasion Resistance: Withstands the abrasive nature of slurries.

·        Compact Design: Ideal for applications with space constraints.

·        Quick Opening and Closing: Facilitates swift response to process changes.

·        Ease of Maintenance: Simple design for easy upkeep.

·        High Scalability: Suitable for a range of flow rates and pressures.

·        Resistant to Clogging: Minimizes the risk of clogs.

·        Cost-Effective Solution: Provides durability and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Industries Where Used:

·        Mining: Transporting and controlling the flow of abrasive ore slurries.

·        Mineral Processing: Controlling mineral-laden slurries during extraction and refinement.

·        Wastewater Treatment: Managing sludge and sediment-laden fluid flow.

·        Pulp and Paper Industry: Handling wood fibers, chemicals, and water mixtures.

·        Chemical Processing: Controlling abrasive or corrosive substance movement.

·        Power Generation: Handling coal slurry, ash slurry, and abrasive materials.

·        Cement Industry: Controlling materials like cement kiln dust and limestone slurries.

·        Oil and Gas Industry: Transporting drilling muds and abrasive fluids.

Material Description:

·        Available Materials: CF8M, SS2507, SS316, SS304, CF8, Ductile Iron, WCB, WC6, WCC, LCB, LCC, Cast iron.

·        Class: 150-600 PN6 to PN25.

·        Size: 2”-24”.

·        Operation: Handwheel, Gear operated, Electric actuated, Pneumatic actuated.

·        Ends: Lug, Wafer, Flanged.