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Welcome to Rocket Discs, a conclusive Frisbee golf virtuoso company in Sweden. Whether you are a fledgling or an expert disc golfer, you will find all that you want to partake in this astounding game. We have many frisbees from the best brands, like Innova, Discraft, and Dynamic discs, Viking Discs and we even sell utilized disc golf discs. You can purchase new frisbee on the web or visit our store to see them face to face. Our amicable staff will assist you with picking the right discs for your ability level and style.

You can moreover scrutinize our assurance of sacks, bushels, enhancements, clothing, and exceptionally shaded Disc golf Discs. We are energetic about disc golf and we need to impart our adoration for the game to you. Come and join our neighborhood Disc golf devotees and find the justification for why disc golf is conceivably the fastest-creating game on earth.

We are the #1-disc1 boss for disc golf discs! We have the reliable best expense and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Accepting at least for a moment that you’re new to disc golf take a gander at our youngster fledgling obliging golf section. If you’re a seasoned professional and a norm of Rocket discs, we recommend the new conveyances, visit series, and confined rendition circle fragments.

We convey all of the top brands including Innova, Discraft, and Dynamic discs, and that is only the start. Accepting at least for a moment that you’re looking for thing urging, assuming no one minds, interface and we are delighted to help. We want to see you out on the course soon!

Here, you’ll find the best frisbee golf things and a careful, instructed group. We especially love helping beginners with tracking down the right frisbee equipment so they can go gaga for the game. Have any requests? Generously make it a highlight in touch with us.

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