React Native App Development: 5 Major Reasons to Choose it for Your Business

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React Native is a popular framework that allows you to create native apps with JavaScript. Developers can utilise JavaScript as a core programming language to increase the speed of cross-platform applications and shorten development times. Furthermore, adopting Java for Android and Swift obj-c for iOS eliminates the need for programming your app. It removes that requirement, which saves development time.

Swayam Infotech is the best React native app development company in Canada. As a developer, you may create fully working applications for both the Android and iOS platforms. Because it is a time-saving framework, it is the first choice for new developers looking to build fully working apps. 

Why Use React Native for App Development:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility

One of the most compelling reasons to choose React native application development services is its ability to support cross-platform development. The React Native framework’s main advantage is that it just utilises one piece of code. Because of this capability, cross-platform applications now perform at the same level as native programmes. The framework employs a native API and UI library to create a single iOS and Android application code base.

As a result, a mobile app development company that employs React can implement component logic and state management. It also features greater app support with a variety of functionalities. speedier development implies a speedier launch, which saves a significant amount of time. Furthermore, using a unified code base eliminates the need to engage separate engineers for Android and iOS. 

  1. Stable and high-performing applications

The React Native framework employs a straightforward binding mechanism for the codebase. To change the status of a single object, you must do so before updating it. It will help you create a more dependable and stable application.

With a few simple steps, you can incorporate the views, screens, and functionalities. It also renders code using a native API, resulting in higher-performing programmes. The framework enables you to create speedier applications.

  1. Enables third-party plugins

The best aspect of the React Native framework is its ability to support third-party plugins during development. There are two basic types of plugins: JavaScript modules and Native modules.

For example, if you want to integrate Google Calendar or Google Maps into your basic applications, using React Native makes it easier to attach to a plugin. The third-party module reduces effort, allowing developers to construct mobile applications quickly. Simple integration and support play an important role in the app development process.

  1. Integrate components and reuse codes

React Native uses cross-platform development techniques, you can reuse the code for several systems. It adheres to the simple notion of ‘write once and launch everywhere’.

However, this functionality is useful for developers because it eliminates the need to rewrite the code and allows it to be reused across other platforms.

Furthermore, developers do not need to create designs from scratch, making their task easier. If the mobile app development company already has a web application, it can use the same code to create a new mobile app. 

  1. Enhanced user interface

The user interface is the most important aspect of an application or website. React native allows you to create a convincing and distinctive user interface. Furthermore, it allows you to create rich interfaces using pre-built declarative components such as sliders, pickers, and buttons.

Additionally, you can employ touchable opacity to create components for app development. There are numerous iOS and Android apps accessible that offer perfect efficiency


React native enables cross-platform capability, allowing you to develop your app on both Android and iOS at once. You will not have to spend time on testing. Furthermore, building applications is less expensive and faster than developing native apps.

Building apps with React Native results in a smooth and responsive experience. It makes correcting bugs and problems easier across all platforms. You can use APIs and third-party plugins with the programmes.

A mobile app development company can hire a single React native app developer rather than a large team of engineers. React native can assist you in developing high-performance mobile applications.