How To Choose A Great Domain Name


When starting a new website choosing a domain name will be one of the most important decisions to make. There are a few things to consider before registering a new domain name. A good domain name can increase your brand awareness and website’s traffic. Thus, here are the key factors to consider in a domain name for your website.

How To Choose A Great Domain Name

Match Domain Name with Website: ideally
One thing that people tend to forget, even though it may seem obvious while reading about it, is to choose a domain name that matches your websites name. As your site become a household name it’s important that the visitors quickly can type in the address and find what they are looking for. For examples: or

If the domain name doesn’t give out a good hint of what your website provides, there will be a chance of losing visitors because they don’t know what your site is about when they overheard their friends mention it in the conversations. Think about choosing a domain name which is easy to remember and give enough hints of what it might about. One example is HOMEiA.comWhen you heard or see this domain name without going to the website, you already can guess to a higher degree what this website is about.

Using Keywords in the Domain Name
One great way to increase traffic to your website is to consider incorporating a keyword, for your specific segment, when choosing a domain name. This may not be easy since many of the most obvious domain names aren’t available, but it will for sure improve your results. Take some time to come up with name ideas and take a look if they are up for grabs or if they are already taken. If you do this carefully you’ll end up with an attractive solution which will be optimized for the search engines.

Now if the keyword is too long, you better off get the simplified version of it instead. For an example, if “Book Review Website” is the keyword, one can use “Book Yap” for the domain or

Keep Domain Name Short
If you choose a short domain name it will be both more unforgettable for the visitor as well as easier to spell. A short domain name can radically boost your site’s traffic but it shouldn’t, however, be kept short at any cost. You should never ever give up the memorability and/or branding for the sake of a short name.

For example, if your website is called GoodTraffics providing website marketing services. Pick a domain name such as rather than a cut down version like Try to find a balance between shortness and branding and also don’t forget to consider the user behavior.

A Domain Name that is Creative and Catchy
Generic domain names are still popular but choosing a creative and catchy name can dramatically increase the retention (or remembering) of your domain name. If the domain name you first thought about already is taken, start using your creative muscles. For example, if the domain name was already taken, you might want to think about options that are similar and that include at least one of the words.

Pick a great domain name. That’s a domain that’s easy for people to remember, a .com extension (still very important today), and lacking any hyphenation. Folks will remember, but they aren’t going to remember Sometimes the best domains are the keywords that you’re seeking. One example: a digital marketing blog would do much better in the SEO rankings if the domain name had ‘marketing’ or ‘search’ in it. For example, something like

While it may be extremely time consuming and difficult to choose a domain name, the possible achievement in website traffic and online visibility make the process well worth the extra effort. Remember to select a domain name that is short, memorable, includes a keyword and that matches your websites name.

If the preferred domain name already is taken you have to get creative. Once you have come up with a great name, register it at once. Don’t risk the chance of losing your name to someone else. If you have followed all these strategies, you have a much better chance of increasing your brand awareness, and the website traffics.

I hope you find this article helpful. For a more in-depth article about selecting a great domain name, you can read this article written by ProWeb365.