Everything You Need To Know About Using A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

perfect bridal makeup artist

Choosing your dream bridal makeup artist is not as straightforward as it appears. Indian bridal makeup is quite intricate and requires layering various items to emphasise your facial characteristics. 

Even minimum makeup requires numerous layers of cosmetics, which requires professional help. Too much makeup is a major turnoff. You need a magician to make your fairytale dreams come true, and that magician is a skilled professional makeup artist. 

R Three Salon is the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Varanasi. We specialize in Bridal makeup, Photo shoot make up and Fashion Related Services.

R Three Salon is the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Varanasi. We specialize in weddings and other special occasions, offering professional services at affordable prices.

We are a Bridal Makeup Artist in Varanasi and we are focused on providing you with the best service as well as the best makeup. Our aim is to make your bride look beautiful on her wedding day. We provide make up services for any type of events like weddings or parties.

Everyone who is a Bridezilla, we have you covered! Everything that will help you have a wonderful wedding makeup experience is covered in this article. 

Keep reading to find more about-

  1. Ways to shortlist the greatest makeup artist
  2. Bridal makeup cost 
  3. Items to address with the expert
  4. Useful advice for a pleasurable experience

How do you narrow down your choices for the greatest bridal makeup artist?

It is advised to start looking for a bridal makeup artist at least six months before your big day to avoid last-minute hassles. Book the makeup artist at least 10 to 12 months in advance if you want to hire the best of the bunch.

Here at R Three Salon, connect with the best service providers effortlessly.

  • Simply put a form with your bridal artist criteria and our specialists will assist you connect with the 3 finest possible bridal artists that meets your demands.
  • Discuss and discuss your requirements such as expectations, budget and other special requirements.
  • Look out our below things to keep in mind tips as you shortlist a bridal makeup artist.
  • Browse user reviews and ratings to help you make an informed selection.

Prices and Packages for Bridal Makeup

Based on their level of experience and the calibre of the services they provide, every bridal makeup artist provides a different quote. To determine if your investment in bridal makeup is worthwhile, it is crucial to go over the breakdown of costs.

Generally, the bridal makeup package comprises of the following services:

  • Airbrush or HD makeup is your preferred type of makeup.
  • Hairstyling and setting
  • Saree draping
  • Sometimes, mehendi and nail services are provided for free.

Novice makeup artists often charge between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 18,000, while top-tier professionals charge between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 100,000. 

Pricing is arbitrary and can change depending on location and service needs.

The payment terms and conditions, such as payment methods, advance payment, etc., should be discussed in the most detail. The standard deposit requested by bridal makeup artists is from 20% to 50% of the total fee and is non-refundable in the event that the client cancels.

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Before hiring a makeup artist, you should:

  • Examining the makeup portfolio of a potential bridal makeup artist is the very first criterion to consider. Take it further only if you find it appealing.
  • Availability of date and time is an essential point to be considered before you start discussing other details. To avoid rush burial, make sure the artist doesn’t accept any other engagements on the same day.
  • Go for a cosmetics trial to be certain of the artist’s job and how at ease you are.
  • If you are satisfied with the trial, discuss your budget and payment terms. You can always customise and curate a bridal makeup package as per your liking.
  • Ensure that the senior makeup artist that dis your makeup trial is there at the wedding venue and not just her juniors.
  • Verify the artist’s comfort level when travelling for a destination wedding and the associated costs.
  • Lighting is an important aspect to consider. Get your makeup done according to the lighting and HD photography set up to avoid looking like a ghost.
  • Lastly, avoid beating around the bush and get a written contract if needed.

Things to do Post hiring a bridal makeup artist

  • Display your wedding outfit and the décor aspects of the wedding site. This will help you decide the colour pallet for your makeup.
  • Finalize every small detail like the sari draping style, nails and haircut wanted.
  • Make sure you timely coordinate with them so you don’t miss anything crucial.
  • Make a note of any additional things requested by the makeup artist and keep them ready on your big day.
  • Communicate the wedding venue address and timings with the bridal artist and request them to be a bit earlier than the real scheduled time.
  • Make the advance payment by the makeup artist on the specified date.
  • Ask for any skin rituals to be followed and ensure you stick to it.
  • Discuss and settle on all the little things with the junior makeup artists who have been allocated to your family’s and your bridesmaids’ makeup.

Quick Suggestions for a hassle-free bridal experience

  • Make sure you reserve the same makeup artist for each of your bridal rituals. In addition to helping you obtain a better deal, doing this will help you get along well with the bridal artist.
  • Have a backup plan in place. In the event that a makeup artist has to cancel at the last minute, have a backup plan ready.
  • Before paying the booking fee, make sure the makeup artist is who you want. The reservation amount is typically nonrefundable in the event of any cancellation.
  • For destination weddings, you’ll be responsible for paying the makeup artists’ lodging and travel expenses. To save some money, try hiring a local bridal makeup artist
  • When hiring a bridal makeup artist, keep in frequent contact with them to keep track of any changes and to cooperate with them.
  • Look like a million bucks on your big day! Join now to get in touch with local bridal makeup artists!